How it works


What is the SNOWFLAKE Database?

SNOWFLAKE is a system-defined, read-only shared database, provided by Snowflake. The database is automatically imported into each account from a share named ACCOUNT_USAGE.

For more details, see What Is The SNOWFLAKE Database from the Snowflake documentation


Enabling Account Usage for Other Roles

By default, the SNOWFLAKE database is available only to the ACCOUNTADMIN role.

To enable other roles to access the database and schemas, and query the views, a user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role must grant the following data sharing privilege to the desired roles:


For more details, see Enabling Account Usage for Other Roles from the Snowflake documentation


Objects used by Nadilytics

A user with an ACCOUNTADMIN role runs a short script only once to:

  • Create a new role NADILYTICS_ROLE and grant him privilege to access the SNOWFLAKE database
  • Assign the NADILYTICS_ROLE to a new user NADILYTICS_USER
  • Create a dedicated warehouse NADILYTICS_WH to be used when querying the SNOWFLAKE database views

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