Who is it for

Nadilytics addresses the needs of diverse Snowflake personas including builders, administrators, consumers and  business stakeholders. It helps them in various ways. 

Key needs and duties
  • ETL/ELT processes
  • Data pipelines
  • Data Loading
  • Data Unloading
  • Performance analysis
  • Performance tuning
  • Recommendations
  • Data loading performance
  • Designing roles hierarchy
Typical related roles
  • Data architects
  • Data engineers
  • Developers
  • Designers
How Nadilytics helps
Warehouse spending spikes Search failed queries and patterns

Key needs and duties
  • Snowflake performance
  • Monitoring storage
  • Snowflake health
  • Administer Security
  • Administer Account Parameters
  • Administer Resource Consumption
  • Administer Roles and Users
  • Administer Databases and Warehouses
  • Administer Data Shares
  • Administer Database Objects
  • Administer Clustered Tables
  • IP address whitelisting or blacklisting of access using network access policies
Typical related roles
  • Platform Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Database Administrators
How Nadilytics helps
Queries by execution buckets over time Find access patterns

Key needs and duties
  • Build reports for executives
  • Analyze and understand data 
  • Collaborate with other to identify improvements opportunities
Typical related roles
  • Data analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Power users
How Nadilytics helps
Data inventory Data dictionary

Key needs and duties
  • Help with transition from fixed pricing to Snowflake's pay-per-use billing model
  • Understanding of actual Snowflake spending 
  • Help with budgeting of next term
  • Current consumption and trends
Typical related roles
  • Executives such as CFO
  • Business analysts
  • Project Managers
How Nadilytics helps
Forecasting usage and billing Daily vs monthly cumulative cost