Snowflake Health Check


Kloudgen is revolutionizing the Snowflake echo system by offering a fully automated health check which can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Please see our press release in collaboration with Snowflake.

Kloudgen leverages the fully automated Health Check feature of Nadilytics to check over 110 data points across your entire Snowflake deployment. The check covers the entire platform including incorrect configuration, non-compliance with Snowflake best practices, query and warehouse performance, security to any inefficient processes which may be resulting in higher consumption. Inefficient processes could be spilling data to remote disk, inefficient pruning, incorrect tables being clustered, queries being queued, incorrect warehouse sizes and so on.

Nadilytics’s intelligent engine automatically detects an anomaly and produces an action plan with recommendations to correct those anomalies and empower you to keep your Snowflake environment optimized. Upon completion, clients have access to the full PDF report with summary containing the action plan along with an index for easy viewing. The report is available for viewing or for downloading through a secure User ID/Password

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